Drop Burton for Brate?

Standard league.
Kind of getting tired of burtons inefficiency lately. 40 yards or fewer in 5 straight games.

Was thinking about dropping him and picking up Brate since Winston is back?

Or maybe even drop Larry fits or Alshon Jeffery just in case and roster two TE for the week and see how it pans out?

The TE landscape is crap this year so I might stick with Burton too. But I feel he only has value in PPR currently.


Thanks clan :metal:

Go for it baby boy.

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I’m currently holding brate and Burton and I’m super tempted to drop Burton now knowing that Winston looks to brate in the redzone tbh.

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I’m done with Burton. He hasnt produced and his schedule ROS is tough for Tight Ends(minus maybe the Rams matchup.)

Someone dropped Ebron but I dont know if I have enough FABB left to get him. My back up plan is Gerald Everett

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Claim has been placed sir.

Exactly!. Winston’s first touchdown throw back was to Brate

Yeah man Ebron would be the move with Doyle to IR.

I would also check Rhet Ellison from the giants. Engram hurt his hamstring last week and Rhet played well.

Burton is a low end TE1. Always has been. Now that miller is active, he’s even worse.

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I made a move on from Burton and got Everett because I got outbid on Ebron. I am ok with it though I figure The Rams will have way more chances to score and might as well take a chance.

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