Drop Burton for

AJ, Merideth or J Brown?

My RBs: Barkley Hunt, Ito, Yeldon, KJ, Carson
WR: TY, Diggs, Boyd

My thoughts are to drop Carson for AJ and Burton for Merideth. I know Brown is #1 and Merideth is number 2 on their offenses. I may believe Saints #2 is > Ravens #1
Note: Ginn has been put on IR. Could also probably trade the Bears D for Smith if the Saints.

Wow . . . must be a shallow league. Pick up John Brown . . . he’s the #1 receiver for an above average offense. I dont understand how he’s even available. He should be owned in even 8 team leagues.

10 team. Thank you. Any other input?

Definitely brown. Aj who?

Aaron Jones

Yeah def brown