Drop C. Hogan and P. Barber?

Payton Barber and Chris Hogan have been disappointing for 4 weeks. I think it’s time to move on, nobody wants them so I wont bother putting them up for trade. Question is, hold another week or drop them tonight for waivers.

I’m waiver pick 8. I want RB Hines from Colts and WR from Texans Keke.

What you guys think?

I would drop Barber, it seems they are making a shift in the back field. Also, the TB O Line is terrible so it’s not like you really want a piece of their backfield anyways.

I think I hold Hogan one more week but drop Barber

I dropped Hogan 2 weeks ago. Felt bad at the time but gave me a spot to grab Boyd off waivers. Worked out, cut the fat

I wouldn’t blame you for dropping Hogan, but I would drop Drop Barber. I think Hogan is two good weeks away from re-establishing trade value. I’m skeptical that those two games will come in the next two weeks and I’m personally not willing to hold a roster spot waiting