Drop C.Hogan for K.Cole Or drop R.Anderson for J.Brown

I got Hogan An Anderson but they really aren’t producing I’m in a PPR and I feel like these guys are my weak links both Brown and Keelan are open to add

wouldn’t add cole…basically talentwise he is good, but blake makes the situation really awkward!
you will never start him with confident!

brown could be a nice part! it seems that joe looks at him a lot…so the offseason rumors are real!
could imagine droppin robby for him…but its not a must!

Thanks man

Man, both good options.

I wish you could grab both Cole and Brown.

I would keep hogan and grab Brown. If you have any more room, see if you can stash Cole.

Smh, I would not drop either one of these guys…

Ride it out, they will both be big contributors this year