Drop Calvin Ridley for Sanu

While Ridley has more upside for a big game , the QB does not have enough time to get it to him. Sanu seems to be getting more involved every week and seems to be the better WR for PPR. Curious to hear your thoughts

If you need consistency I might go with Sanu. Probably depends on the rest of your team. If you can afford some low games from Ridley, the good games from him are probably better than Sanu’s good games

That’s truly what has me contemplating my WR are Kupp, Shepard, Golden Tate, DJax. I would probably only use him as an emergency or if Shepard somehow become useless after Tate comes back

I would probably do Sanu then… just so you know on the chance you need to put him in, he will get you those 10-15 points.