Drop Cam Meredith/Paul Richardson for Frank Gore?

I totally botched my RB depth in a half PPR league by taking Ertz/Woods/Brees in the 5/6/7th rounds, letting a lot of good guys slip. So now the only RBs on my roster are Mixon, Burkhead, Crowell and Breida. Gore looks like the only guy on waivers who could be even a Flex consideration to bolster some depth there,

Is meredith or richardson more worth the stash than the other, or should I hang on to both?

ew. No. Gore isn’t going to be relevant in fantasy. Drake is superior to him in every facet of the game.

Meredith has a shot at winning over the slot and 2nd receiver in that offence. I’d keep him.

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I know he’s not much more than an emergency depth option, but looks like I’m better off waiting for one of my WRs to break out and flip him.