Drop Cam Newton for Brissett?

12 team full PPR, 4 point passing TD, standard rushing scoring.

I have Josh Allen as well, but with the Patriots matchup this week, I’m looking to start someone else. I know Cam’s ceiling is high, but I don’t have much confidence in him for the rest of the year. Should I drop him for Brissett or keep him and hope he returns playing way better than he has been and struggle at QB this week?

Yes, I’d drop Cam.

  1. He is currently injured and already ruled OUT for the game
  2. I agree, playing Allen vs NE is going to be rough sleding
  3. You’re unlikely to play Cam over Allen ROS anyways; so, drop Cam, stream someone this week, then drop them

that’s what I was leaning, just hoping no one takes a shot on picking him up when I drop him

Let them. He has 0 use for you. Allen will be a top 10 QB week in and week out while healthy (unless he plays NE lol). You have no need to roster Cam because you’ll never play him. Use that spot for a streamer this week; come next, use it for a RB/WR

Great point, definitely what I’m going to do. Just tough to swallow my pride and drop my 8th round pick, but you’re right he’s a waste of a spot. thanks.

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