Drop Cam..?

Should I drop Cam or hang with him. Do you think he will gain any form this season… I have Alex Smith and Dak, thinking about dropping Cam for Tyrod or Goff depending on which one I can get off waivers

I’m assuming you are in a 2QB league, but even so, with Smith and Dak, I would keep Cam and hold out in hopes that he turns things around. Worst case is come bye weeks you drop him and pick up Tyrod or someone equivalent.

1 QB league. worried that someone else will pick up tyrod

I am in the same situation in a 1 QB and I am rolling with both Cam and Winston. I am thinking of dumping Cam as well. He looks so far from his best its not even funny anymore, His banged up and he is losing pieces around him left right and center.

May give him one more week up against the Pats who have given up some monster numbers so far this season but can’t start him with any real confidence.

No need to keep 3 qb’s in a that type league. I’m dropping cam and picking up Palmer or Watson. Cam looks like he’s still hurt. I have no doubt he’ll get better, but who knows when that will be. I’m a huge believer in streaming, but you already have Dak! I think you’re set at qb. Especially with Alex (Jesus) Smith. I’d just stream that position on either of their bye weeks. (If needed). And throws weapons are not great so I don’t really like him much.

pick up Sanu Duke Johnson or Shepard for Cam?

Or just keep Cam in case he turns it around

Keep cam and dak. Drop smith for duke if you need rb or Shepard if you need wr. I don’t have that luxury to hold cam. I have to let him go. 3wr league and I didn’t take a backup qb.

I have A Brown, Diggs, Larry Fitz and Maclin

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Who’s your worst player?

Bennett or Chris Carson probably

Woof. Don’t wanna drop either of those really. But is that your only te?

I have Gronk (:slight_smile:

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I’d have to,let Bennett go before I dropped Carson.

So drop bennett - stream a TE on gronk’s bye and snag another WR with Bennetts spot?

That would be the player spot I used to add a waiver player for sure.

thanks man!