Drop chark to maybe win

Alright. I’m down 15 in a STD league. Opponent has gronk. I have buccs D/ST. Right now I’m taking a 0 in my WR 2 slot but could drop chark and grab Miller for the game tonight. Do you guys think the shot is worth losing chark over? I will not get him back off the waiver.

I’m 5-2 and my other WRs are Godwin, mclaurin, AB, will fuller, DJ Moore.


It’s a tough call but I’d probably lean no and play the longer strategy. If it was week 13 sure but I think keeping hold of quality players with bye in rear view will be more helpful in weeks 9 onwards.

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That was my initial thought. I almost just said eff it though after I saw they have a new worse QB for houston and then after that have GB (he will get shadowed, Pit, Cle (shadow by ward), min (+ match up), ten (+ match up), Baltimore, Chi

So there are two opportunities to play him ROS w/o significant injury to defenses

You have a lot of good WRS so I might take the gamble.

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