Drop Chris Hogan for Josh Doctson

Smart move or stay with Hogan. Have Parker Baldwin Fitzgerald and Nelson as other wideouts

Personally I would stay with Hogan. I think he’ll be back next week and has a much higher ceiling than Doctson

I will be in the minority here but I think Doctson has a higher ceiling. The both have very efficient QBs that spread the ball around but Doctson IMO will emerge as a clear number 1 for cousins. Doctson also has a deep threat that Hogan doesn’t. Hogan is probably better in full PPR but Doctson is better down the road this season otherwise. Any expert will tell you to keep Hogan but I think Doctson is a must add for the playoff stretch. The ultimate answer is drop a lesser WR than Hogan, if you have one on your roster, for Doctson

Would you rather have Doctson or Crowder?

PPR Crowder. Also Crowder in the short term. I think Doctson and Cousins are starting to sync up though and it’s going to improve by the week. Crowder and Doctson remind me of Landry and Parker except they have a much better QB tossing the rock. Either are good to own but I’m buying Doctson stock in a big way right now.

You’re right about Doctson. He just went through 3 games against Richard Sherman, Xavier Rhodes and Marcus Latimore and still put up 170 yards. I like your comparison. I’m a frustrated Parker owner who would much rather have Landry (or Stills if Moore is the QB). I just put in a FAAB bid on Crowder.

Doctson was 2 inches from a TD against Seattle. Freak play that it wasn’t a TD. He slipped on what would’ve been a wide open easy catch in the end zone the next week. I’ve seen other weird things happen that should’ve been touchdowns for him. Give him a little more time and watchout. Things will come together. He was a 1st round talent for a real reason.

So would you drop Hogan for Doctson 1pt PPR if my other WR are Tate, Crabtree, Sanders, Woods, Shepard? I got hit all at once with extra injuries

Hogan has a great ROS schedule.

I also have Parker and could drop him as I feel he’s too boom or bust. Doctson or Parker ROS?

I’d personally take Doctson for the fact that his QB situation is so much better. They’re both of similar size and talent. Cousins is a top 5 QB and it stands to reason Doctson is on the verge of becoming his #1 target.

I’ve given up on parker. He’s too hit or miss for me and he’s too inconsistent to gamble on. I’d drop parker for doctson.

I’ve been offered Hogan in a standard league, the Hogan owner wants Danny woodhead, what do you think? (Sorry to hijack your question)

First off congrats on a very solid WR corps. To me you have a solid balance of high floor guys and big ceiling guys. Decide what you want or need more of going into the playoffs. Hogan is your high floor and Doctson is your high ceiling candidate IMO. I’d personally want to drop Crabtree before Hogan if I were you. You could always try to make a trade for Crabtree or TATE for a RB, if you’re weak there, then take Doctson off the waiver.

If you’re set for the playoffs I’d personally take that trade. Woodhead obviously has more to offer in the short term and has more PPR value. But I really like how Hogan is setting up for the playoffs. Should be in a couple of shootouts. The only issue could be if the Pats clinch early.

I knew it wouldn’t be simple. Thanks!!

What does your gut say? How reliable is your gut?

Would you rather drop Sanu or Shepard for Doctson or neither?

Of those two if personally say Sanu but that’s a tough drop. Sanu obviously isn’t primary but the other two are. Cousins and Ryan are obviously the best QBs of the grouping. So as long as Doctsons target share continues he is arguably the most valuable down the road. Meaning he has the best QB, the equal or better talent himself, and the target share. Based on target share alone, assuming Doctson continues to grow, I would take him over Sanu. Do you have any weak players of any other position group to consider?

Great analysis!! I also have D. Thomas with weak QBs in Denver and Ted Ginn which also a number 2 I might consider dropping as the saints turns toward a run heavy offense.