Drop Chris Thompson for Jaylen Samuels?

Thompson sitting as my last bench RB, worth dropping for the hope that Samuels becomes a thing? He’s still available of waivers meaning I can add for free.

Standard scoring and RB’s currently:

Chubb, Carson, D. Freeman, J. Howard, C. Thompson

If you are never going to play him I don’t see anything wrong with it. I think Thompson might see an increase in usage though with Haskins and dump off passes.

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I think you really want upside since this will be your RB5. Jaylen Samuels has more imo. Steelers are supposedly going to run more wildcat with Samuels at QB and he can actually make passes not just tap passes. So he kind of has two chances to score on those plays, whether he runs himself, or tap passes or maybe even a legit pass in the redzone. Also gets involved as a receiver so he could be a very strong and safe replacement for someone on bye. Whereas Thompson is on a team unlikely to ever be leading games except for their Week 6 tilt against the Dolphins.

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I was about to say… Thompson is probably a solid RB2/3 floor rest of season with upside. But then I saw standard scoring instead of PPR so I’m okay with it.

If Conner’s ankle injury becomes problematic then Jaylen’s stock skyrockets. If we’re talking last on your depth chart, go with the potential of Samuels.