Drop Christian Kirk for Courtland Sutton?

Broncos shopping D. Thomas and supposedly E. Sanders.

Arizona just fired their OC and Kirk has some chemistry with Rosen.

Who would you guys rather have?

bump. Hoping to get some advice before tomorrow moring

I’d want Sutton, but I’m assuming Sanders or Thomas gets traded. If you don’t think that will happen, I’d probably go Kirk assuming you’re willing to hold him and be patient for multiple weeks.

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What does Kirk mean to your team? Are you flexing him at all or just holding? Sutton doesn’t have a #2 spot yet but the ceiling is higher if he ever gets one.

Currently Kirk is just waiting on my bench. I’ve been using either sammy watkins, austin ekeler or latavius murray as flex options so far. Just want the better option.

Yeah hard to trust those week to week. Murray is good as long as Cook is out. It’s only a week til the trade deadline so I think I am going to do a two for one trade and then pick up Sutton and stash him just to see.