Drop Chubb for Sutton?

Should I drop Chubb for Sutton?

Full PPR, Rest of Roster are WR - Green, Juju, Sanders, Gordon, Kupp RB - Zeke, CMC, Mixon, Ingram

Currently 6-2, but my roster has been performing worse every week. Last week I won because of Watson’s magic. My worries are Kupp in the playoffs, Juju is kind of down while the Steelers are blowing teams out, is Gordon ever going to breakout…


no do not do that

I wouldn’t play Sutton over any of the WRs you have, maybe over Gordon.

No lol. The DT trade definitely helps sutton, but he’s still a rookie. I just view him as a start worthy asset now. Like he’s probably a WR3 ROS, maybe WR2 upside if everything clicks. But he is by no means an every week starter now going forward cause of this trade.

no but i would try to get sutton somehow. he is about to go off.

Thanks guys, Good points!