Drop Cobb for Murray?

Hey Guys. 10 team PPR. 3 WR. Should I drop Cobb for Murray?

Current RB’s are:

A. Kamara
C. Helaire
M. Davis
J. WIlliams
C. Edmunds

Current WR’s are:

S. Diggs
A. Brown
A.J. Brown
C. Kupp
R. Gage
M. Pittman

Now that’s a drop for a BAL lottery ticket that I can get behind!

Congratulations on drafting poorly enough to have someone worth dropping for a piece of the dumpster fire that is the Ravens’ backfield!

You call this a poor dratft???

Do you watch fantasy football? Or even listen to the ballers???

What a clown! Dont respond to my forum unless you actually want to be helpful thanks.


You’ve got a solid squad. And yes, I’d drop Cobb. I don’t see him cracking your starting lineup at any point.


Yeah that was my feel. My only hesitance was being how many RBs I already have and it being a 3 WR league. And I do believe Cobb has a chance to be successful in GB. But I made the move so hopefully I can at least get a trade piece out of it!

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I think it’s one of those deals where Cobb will be to Green Bay what Jason Avant was to Philly circa 2010 where he’s more useful in real life than he is in fantasy. He’ll be great on third down for the Packers and may even have some TD upside, but you’ll likely never feel great if you were in a position to start him.

There are so many injuries at the RB position that you honestly can never have too many viable options. Worst case scenario, you package some guys to upgrade another position at some point.

I called Cobb a pick poor enough to drop for a piece of the dumpster fire that is the Ravens’ backfield. Most people are wanting to drop their studs just to get a piece of that action, but you axually drafted a player WORSE than any of them, so I can endorse your drop/add–whereas with most of these questions I just have to shake my head and implore people to think twice about what they’re doing. But Cobb? Sure, add/drop away…

Nah, nothing about what he did was drafting poorly - you were just being a jerk here simply because he had Cobb on the roster. You know what you’re doing when you say stuff like “congratulations on drafting poorly enough…”

He’s got a very solid team and he drafted Cobb late because he had a gut feeling about what he’s capable about this season (which I’m sure didn’t cost him much in draft capital).

So he essentially took Cobb late instead of someone like St. Brown. Who cares? With who he has on the rest of his roster, I’m dropping either of those guys for Lat on the off chance that he gets a lot of work.

If you’re going to take shots at people for drafting guys you don’t value, at least own the pettiness of your comments.


Well, he would care, once the season starts, if he drafted a scrub like Cobb instead of the top 20 PPR WR that is Amon-Ra St. Brown.

And no, if someone drafted WELL enough to have St. Brown, I would NOT recommend that they drop him for a scrub RB, but if they drafted POORLY enough to have Cobb on their roster, then it might be an upgrade.

Credibility is hard to maintain when you’re calling guys like Amon-Ra St. Brown top-20 wide receivers.

He’s got a minimum of five guys who will finish comfortably ahead of him.

This is silly.


So you’re going with top 6?

I don’t know about THAT high, but when your outside WRs are Tyrell Williams and Kalif Raymond, and you’re going to be playing from behind virtually every minute of the season, and your QB made his last slot receiver famous (Robert Woods)–you have a pretty good shot at being fantasy-relevant.

Ok, maybe top 25.

Credibility is also hard to maintain when you’re comparing guys like Amon-Ra St. Brown to Robert Woods or when you are giving credit to his success to Jared Goff instead of Sean McVay or … ya know … Robert Woods.

Again, this is silly.

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Main point is to not bag on people because they have different late draft targets than you - especially when the rest of their draft is solid.

Late picks are crap shoots. Few hit, most don’t.

That’s only because it’s still a few more days until “Oh Wow, Axe Elf Was Right All Along” season begins.

After that, it will BUILD credibility.

The problem with that level of cockiness is when you swing and miss….which you already have.

Multiple times.

On the first game of the year.

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Axe Elf would never put himself in that position.

You should look at some of your AB and Ronald Jones takes from yesterday, your omnipotence

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I believe “omniscience” is the word you’re searching for.

It’s funny you mention my Ronald Jones takes, though. I don’t think it was on this site, but I had a guy trying to convince me he should start Ronald Jones over Ezekiel Elliott last night–Dallas D vs Tampa D kind of a thing. I finally convinced him to start Zeke, but now he’s mad at me because Zeke faceplanted! I’m like, fine, I should have let you take Jones’ negative points instead.

Anyway, in games where there is an element of chance, sometimes the “right” advice results in a negative outcome. It doesn’t make it the “wrong” advice–you should still do the same exact thing the next time you are in the same situation–it’s just that the right advice din’t work out for you that time.

It’s like if you’re drawing to an inside straight in poker and someone shoves all in–you “should” fold. And you “should” fold the next time, too, even if the next card would have completed your straight. Making the “right” decision every single time in poker will result in overall success, even if you don’t win every single hand along the way.

If you’re looking for perfect predictions, you won’t find them in fantasy football. But if you want to win your league, you listen to Axe Elf.

I also remember you saying that you said Zeke will be the RB2 on the year. How are u feeling about that take after the first game @AxeElf ?

No, you don’t remember me saying that, because Axe Elf would never make such a ridiculously specific prediction.

What you remember me saying is that Zeke has the 2nd best chance of being the overall #1 performer this season, behind Henry and ahead of CMC–but that doesn’t mean he will be the RB2, or the RB1, or ANY particular position. It’s just an assessment of his probability to be #1 overall.