Drop Cohen or Morris?

10 team 0.5 ppr have Saints D don’t want to drop yet but looking to add Bears D to hedge look I g to drop Cohen, Michel or Morris have Conner, Howard and Ajayi as other starting running backs. And please don’t tell me don’t carry 2 defenses because I know that but at the same time think the saints will be good d but don’t know if want to chance it yet in week 2

That is a tough one, First don’t hold on to two D/ST… j/k

I would say Morris. and hope he is there next week to re-acquire him. Maybe wait until last minute to do the transaction to lessen the chances of him being picked up before the weekend.

Kind of been my thoughts as well. Still unsure what his real value is and if would ever even start him. Good thought about waiting until the end of the week though.

I would drop Morris