Drop Cohen?

Today a league member dropped McKinnon , but I can’t decide on who to drop to pick him up.
I would hate to give up on Cohen , but he is the only back I could see that would be lowest on my depth chart to drop to pick him up.
I also have DeMarco Murray, Ameer Abdullah, Alvin Kamara, Aaron Jones, Ty Montgomery, and Joe Mixon.
We have a cap at 7 RB’s per roster .
Any Suggestions ?

I’m stuck with Cohen but i’d gladly drop him for someone like McKinnon. It’s the same player (2nd on chart hoping for a good game) but mckinnon actually got work.

Mckinnon had a nice game, he’s worth a pick up. But would you be able to use him over any of these players you have already? What depth do you have at other positions? Im have Howard myself and would look into a Cohen deal. See who has Howard, maybe you could trade him for a good defense for a week or two, maybe some WR or TE depth, instead of another player who would be on your bench.

Up to you, good luck!

Unless you are an avid podcast listener and really into Fantasy football, the hype on Tarik Cohen isn’t that large anymore. I dropped him and no one has picked him up. Jordan Howard is looking like a top pick again and therefore I think you can drop Cohen. With West out I really like McKinnon.