Drop Cole or Penny

Seahawks run game looks awful, but struggling whether I should drop penny or not. Was hoping to have Penny as a keeper next year, but I also have kerryon and Royce. Really don’t want to drop Cole.

You drop Penny. No question.

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Agreed with falcones404. I want zero shares of that Seahawks backfield. You have good keeper options in Royce and Kerryon who will take over that Lions backfield over the next several weeks.

Thank you. I’m a lifelong seahawks fan, so I get to see firsthand every week how awful they are at running the ball.

It’s gotta be painful to watch. Their backfield has been like this ever since Rawls got injured that first time 2-3 years ago. It seems really self-inflicted. They have categorically refused to let any RB feel any degree of stability back there. It must feel like a cruel trick to all the guys who have had the misfortune of being involved. Even Rawls wasn’t afforded that mental comfort of being THE guy/having a little breathing room when he was a complete beast and just shredding everybody up. I think being subjected to that made his career/confidence fall apart much more than the injury did.

For sure. That O-line is largely to blame as well. They’ve been putrid.