Drop Coleman over Singletary? PPR

I’m in an 8 team leauge so our rosters are stacked. I need to cut one player in order to roster a kicker for week 1. Since these are bench players I’m looking for the highest upside by mid season. Am I crazy to hold Singletary?

Hmmm, it’s a hard one. I’d personally rather have a back on the 49ers than on the Bills. However, you aren’t wrong by holding onto Singletary.

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49ers are a much better offense. Plus Frank Gore is probably gonna split time with Singletary.

In a situation where I need to pick up one player and have a tough drop decision, I always try to package a two for one trade. That way you can upgrade one position and open up that roster spot. If that does not work in time, I would probably drop Singletary.

Everyone’s saying that Singletary is splitting time with Gore, but people aren’t forgetting that Coleman is splitting with Breida, not to mention Breida IMO is better than Coleman. Gore will be faded out pretty quickly. I’d drop Coleman.