Drop Cooper for Baldwin

Doug Baldwin is on my waiver wire. Should I drop Amari Cooper to pick him up?

Any thoughts on this?

Yes cooper is a death trap

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You are just lucky to play Cooper on his good week, it is too hard to tell when he will turn up, at least baldwin is the WR1 but in my opinion i dont believe he will be as good as last season. Seahawks are just too trash right now to give wilson time to hit baldwin and baldwin isnt even 100% right now or may never be 100% this season due to his multiple knee injuries

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Stay away from cooper imo

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I’d do it for sure, but there’s no one else you can drop first?

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Baldwin all day long. I’d rather take a chance he is a WR1 or WR2 down the stretch than a guy that is going to go off once or twice and then bomb your lineup the rest of the season.

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I am fortunate to have a solid team, with AC being the only week link I think I have:

RB:TG3, J. Conner, CMC, K. Johnson, S. Michel

WR: J. Landry, A. Thielen, E. Sanders, Mike Williams, AC

TE: Kittle and Burton

-I am keeping Kittle and Burton because I don’t know which one I will play week to week and our waiver wire is thin at that position.

This is a 12 team .5ppr.