Drop Corey Davis for some popular WW options this week?

1/2 PPR, 12 team

Is Corey Davis droppable? Brutal schedule ROS…

My WR:
AJ green
Josh Gordon
TreQuan Smith
Corey Davis

On the waiver wire:
Anthony Callaway
DJ Moore
Chris Conley (nice “handcuff” for tyreek with groin injury)

I personally would rather have Keke or DJ Moore. I want zero parts of the Titans offense and I don’t anticipate that changing. Keke and DJ Moore are both seemingly legitimate 2nd options on decent/good offenses.

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I dropped Davis last week and would definitely rather have Keke or DJ Moore

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I’d absolutely rather have Keke than Davis. Not so sure about any others, but Keke for sure.

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