Drop Cortland Sutton for Rishard Matthews?

Keep in mind, this is a keeper league and I drafted Sutton late. If he’s on my roster by the end of the year, I can keep him in whatever round I drafted him in.

I’m trying to balance between trying to win NOW and possibly looking to the future. Thoughts???

You don’t know how things are going to pan out with Sutton. He has upside but the path to targets isn’t there unless DT or Sanders goes down. I always focus on trying to win now. You can worry about next season whenever you’re eliminated from the playoffs or out of contention.

If its a keeper league then I would say keep Sutton. I don’t see rishard matthews as a huge contributor this year and he would probably ride your bench this year anyway. I think Sutton is going to be going in the 5th/6th round next year as he has already shown he has immense talent and DT and Sanders have both shown that they have lost a step.

It depends on how deep your league is and who your other WRs are. Matthews is most likely going to be more valuable than Sutton this year. You may not need Matthews now but you never know when one of your starters may get hurt and Matthews would be valuable to you in that situation. I would try to pick Sutton back up later in the year if you’re concerned about having him as a potential keeper for next season.

Matthews easily. He is an established target in the offense. Sutton may get a ton of targets, or may not. It’s unknown