Drop cousins? Crazy?

I dropped cousins today to start streaming. He hasn’t been very good and has a hard few weeks ahead. Am I crazy?

I would have kept Cousins, however…streaming QBs can be very beneficial and sometimes you just have to go for it. So best of luck!!

I’m contemplating the same thing, @purk4u. My other QB is Dak and I’m considering dropping Cousins for Wentz/Siemien this week. I just don’t have faith in Cousins or the entire Washington offense right now and they historically suck in primetime matchups to add insult to injury.

Who did you pick up to stream in his place?

Hey man! Sorry I thought I replied. I picked up Cutler last week. This week I went Tyrod

I picked him up last week after someone dropped him in my league. Was thinking of keeping him until luck is back but he has a bye next week and rumors coming out says luck won’t be back until November?? Idk if cousins is good enough to keep or just drop and stream until luck recovers

Cousins’ schedule didn’t look very friendly. That was part of why I dropped him…but he’s still Captain Kirk and COULD be great