Drop Cousins for Darnell as backup QB?

Today the Ballers recommended Darnell as a pick up with Mahomes out. I have Josh Allen as my primary QB, but his schedule gets rough near the end of the season. I question if the Vikings are going back to a run offense or try to incorporate some passing for a more balanced offense. decisions, decisions

Ship may have sailed (you posted 12 hours ago), but I wouldn’t overthink going with your gut. Could be a coin toss and you may never leave Allen anyway. I just dropped Cam for Cousins to see if his roll continues and allows me to stop the Goff madness after the next two games :slight_smile:

I am going to stick with Cousins and see if they are going to a more balanced offense. With Diggs and Thelan, they have the tools to be balanced. I have a few weeks to decide as Allen’s schedule is pretty good. If Cousins starts stinking it up again and Darnell looks good I might switch assuming no one else grabs him. Thanks for the input.