Drop Cousins or try trade for Abdullah?

I need to get an emergency WR to cover for Benjamin trade and Allen bye. My options include cutting Cousins (Watson is my QB1) or possily trading him for Ameer Abdullah (Abdullah owner rejected a Cousins package for Martin, but seems willing to move Abdullah). Is simply cutting Cousins a really bad move? Is Abdullah a decent enough return?

Not sure what you mean by “cover for Benjamin trade” cuz he’s playing this week… I wouldn’t cut Cousins. As for his trade value, it’s hard to compare him to Abdullah because the scoring is so much different. I think your best bet is some kind of a package deal. Look for someone who needs to upgrade at QB.

Thanks for responding. Buffalo GM just said it was 50/50 whether Benjamin will play. So he’ll either not play, or play, but limited. Thats one gamble. My other WRs are Jeffery vs DEN, or Corey Davis vs BAL. (Shepard will start at other WR). And Darkwa will have to play Flex.

So my options are getting a WR by dropping Darkwa. Or dropping Cousins.

Trades are so rare in my league that we are at week 9 and there have been no trades. The one guy with the weakest QB right now is the Abdullah owner. (has Carr). The next worst QB/team has Goof/Dalton combo. But the most realiistic trade target with him is Kupp or maybe CJA.

I would hold on to Cousins and I honestly think that Benjamin will play tomorrow but if you don’t want to risk it I would drop Darkwa and see what you have on Waivers

I’d honestly rather have Darkwa than Abdullah. If Darkwa gets rolling he’ll take the line-share of reps. Abdullah is total committee and never sniffs the field near the EZ. I just dropped Abdullah for Collins yesterday. Tired of waiting on his production.