Drop Crowell for Fitz or Brown?

Would you guys drop Crowell to add a player like Fitzmagic or John Brown?

really depends of the make up of your roster… We know what FItz is and he will eventually come down off this hot streak. I’d rather have a starting running back or at least one that splits than John Brown… but then again I don’t know your roster.

QB: Rivers

WR:Hopkins, Amari, Agholor, Enunwa, Goodwin,Lockett

RB:Gordon, Lynch,Crowell,Penny,Lindsay

TE: Trey BooBoo

Rivers will be great season long but you might want to fade him vs the Rams this week.

I don’t see a world where you are starting John Brown over D Hop, Cooper or any of those guys

RB depth is worth gold to people who don’t have it.

If you are desperate to make some sort of waiver move it would be to stream a QB this week.

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Ok perfect. Thanks for talking me down off the ledge on that one.

It’s tough even to fade Rivers… the Rams have been putting up tons of points so Phillip could be chasing all day… might be a good fantasy day for him too.

That’s a very fair point and the way they are using Gordon in the passing game has been a nice boost for phill. It seems like win or loose the game script is ok for him.