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Drop D. Jackson to pickup Robby Anderson?

Robby Anderson is on my waiver as a free agent and I’m not sure if I want to grab him with Darnold likely being back soon and the Jets have good matchups coming up (as Mike tweeted out). I’ve held D. Jackson since the start of the season

I think I’d rather him than Jackson as its really difficult to say if Jackson is back soon or headed for surgery. I’d prefer the active player


That’s where I’m at I think. Supposedly it’s a ‘small tear’ and won’t need sports hernia surgery but they’ve been so vague for so long, wouldn’t be at all surprised if they announced tomorrow he’s having surgery and out four more weeks (or more).


And NFL coaches are so honest… Like with the known Hamstring tear that was covered up and lied about… Just traded for D Jax and am kinda regretting it. Anderson has a dope schedule after this week through week 14, get him as he is a locked and loaded healthy starting WR.

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Well for everybody’s sake I hope I’m wrong then. All I’ve been hearing is how " Sam darnolds back so…" the Jets are good now?


The entire team will be, to a degree different now. So there’s ‘change’. Not easy.

Unproven. Has any Jet shown any consistency other than Bells volume? And that’s no guarantee. He’ll get continued volume…for possibly Adrian Peterson numbers.

Let downs. How many people got stuck with Herndon? How many peoples records are worse off because of the Jets? And now they’re starting over.

They’re trained professional athletes. There will be something. I can support hoping to pickup a Jet for FLEX or matchup bench. But any opportunity to look elsewhere I do. I don’t think I’ve had a Jet since Thomas Jones

All that being said, I don’t know if I trust D Jax either lol.

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Wasn’t thinking about dropping Jackson for Anderson but you guys are slowly convincing me to


I’m glad I was wrong about the Jets. I hope your week went well and good luck! :blush:

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I am pumped about the JETS ROS. Schedule looks good and think Herndon/Anderson/Crowder could be league winners.

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I hope I don’t jinx you but I hopped on the bandwagon. I have Crowder in one league and Herndon stashed for next week in another :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: