Drop D. Lewis to stream a defense?

I’m 3-3, have the Bears D (they play the Pats), and my opponent is starting 3 Pats against me.

My other RBs: Kamara, Kerryon, Clement, Thompson, Ekeler. Standard league.

I hate dropping an RB, but Lewis has been abysmal, I’m not starting him this week, plus he’s on a bye next week.


I don’t care much about Lewis, but I’d still play the Bears D and just not deal with it. It all but guarantees a win for you if the Pats can’t get things going pretty much (3 Pats scoring very little and one of your players only scoring over projections), but then doesn’t lose you the week if they are running up the score either. They still turn the ball over and do stupid shit sometimes like everyone else. Pick sixes included. Brady will get sacked, etc

Depends on what D is available and also if Mack is out for the bears… I’d drop Lewis from your pool of RBs though it’s just not happening in Tennessee this year. If there’s a good D to stream go for it if not drop Lewis anyway and get another piece to stash.

Been a few situation changes this week so there must be someone out there you can stash?

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Always shoot some trade offers with the higher drafted guys. Who knows, you might have a believer in the comeback and could get a better defense if they are hurt at rb. Or a guy like John brown or something for Lewis. You never know.

True point about Mack

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I mean if you can trade Lewis of course see what you can get done but assuming that won’t work plan B is move on from him for sure now

Thanks, guys. I’ve got some trade feelers out there, but nothing promising. Washington is the best D available, which still isn’t great.

If Thompson is ruled out, I can slide him to IR for the week and pick up a D as well. I’ll monitor Mack news, too.

I appreciate the replies!

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