Drop D Mont for Ty Johnson?

What do you think, or should I keep D Mont?

I have the same problem but I have singletrary on my bench so I’m dropping him instead. I have Kerryon too. who else can you drop? Also can you look at my question too?

Drop Kerryon… even if he is back, it’ll only be for week 16 best case

He’s done for this season for fantasy purposes

Really? I thought he’ll be back soon. But dang now I need to spend all my FAAB on Ty Johnson

He got placed on IR today which means minimum 8 weeks before coming back

Thanks man! Do you think you can look at my posted question? I really need advice for that one

It is the one with Cook Trade

Luckily we have an IR spot on my bench so I’m using that for Kerryon right now.

Drop him, Nagy is a stupid man


Assuming redraft, might as well roll the dice and go for Ty Johnson.

As noted, Nagy is coaching like he has a Junior High squad for offense. Be aware this means he will likely turn it around immediately :wink: