Drop D.Singltery

Is Devin Singletary worth dropping for Ronald Jones, Golden Tate, or Rashard Penny (I’m chris Carson owner)

My other RBs are Mixon, Carson, Montgomery

MY other WRs are D. Adams, JuJu, Boyd, Moore, Ridley

Nope. He looked explosive when he was healthy.

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I wouldnt. Has just as much upside as the other guys I think. Maybe Penny since you have Carson but I would try to trade Singletary before dropping him. I just traded Singletary and Thielen for Michael Thomas and MVS

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I would hold on to Singletary…

help with mine plz

I feel like I would take Mclaurin and Lindsey out of the convoy becuz of match up. If it was me I’d probably keep Carson in as my flex but Singletary or Tate or okay flex options if ur really concerned with Carson fumbling. It’s just a question of how much does Singletary get used first week back from hamstring injury, and for golden how’s well will the rookie QB DJ do verses a good defense.