Drop Dak for Blaine Gabbert?

So Gabbert has been playing well the last few weeks, even against solid defenses. In my league, he put up 21pts against HOU and 18 against JAX. In the meantime, the last four weeks for Dak (including last night) have gone 15, 5, 2, 14. I’m using Goff as my starter at the moment, but he has some tough matchups for the playoffs, starting next week. Is Gabbert worth dropping Dak for??

I feel ya. I benched Dak on Thursday & am back & forth over Gabbert / Winston tomorrow.
Dak @ NYG next week YAY !! Gabbert @ TEN next week YAY ALSO !!

Dunno buddy. It’s prolly Gabbert but it’s not a fun feeling.

I think I’m gonna wait this week and see if Gabbert can get anything done against the Rams. If he can make it happen, I’d definitely be willing to make the change