Drop Danny Amendola for Josh Doctson? WHIR?

Team consists of:

QB: Tom Brady
WR: Mike Evans, Jordy Nelson, Dede Westbrook, Danny Amendola, Nelson Agholor, DeVante Parker, Kenny Stils
RB: Kareem Hunt, Ameer Abdullah, Duke Johnson Jr
TE: Jimmy Graham, Austin Seferin-Jenkins
K: Will Lutz
DEF: Jacksonville, Philadelphia

The question is would yall drop Danny Amendola for Josh Doctson this week before the games, since they are starting him at Number 1. I know I have alot of WR but i plan on dropping atleast one/two for RB’s in the WW.

id drop amendola for doctson he’s favoured in the line up right now and cowboys d isn’t good enough to shut him out i think