Drop Darrel Williams or D'Ernest Johnson

With the mess that is 2021 fantasy football, I have to decide between them today to pick up a kicker, because tomorrow Rodgers will probably come off Covid list and then I would have to drop 2 rather than 1. (You don’t have to take players off IR but you can’t make transactions until you do)

In needing to choose one to drop, I personally lean towards Williams.

Johnson could very well be the only RB left standing in CLE if Chubb doesnt come off the VID list.

Thanks. Yes, possibly more to lose with Johnson.

This is really a 1 week question. Chubb and CEH are coming back soon, so keep whoever you like better for this one week.

Personally, I’m leaning towards playing D’Ernest and sitting Williams, so I’d drop Williams. I don’t have numbers, but I feel like most guys who’ve gone on Covid protocol haven’t made it back for Sunday. But I’m 4-5 this year, so probably do the opposite. I miss Derick Henry…

I think D’Ernest Johnson is more valuable rest of season.

Out of curiosity, can you post the rest of the roster?

(8 team league) Dropped Julio Jones anyway after yet more injury news. More a case of choosing 2 of Williams/Williams/Johnson for Sunday now.