Drop Darwin and Damien Harris? .5ppr

I’m looking at the waiver wire and the only reasonable RB to pick up are Dare Ogunbowale, Richard, Yeldon, or Armstead.

WRs: Miles Boykin, Ted Ginn, Quincy Enunwa, Nelson Agholor, Robert Foster, Deebo Samuel, Josh Doctson, and Terry McLaurin.

With Diggs and Anderson hobbled, should I take a shot on one of these guys over the chance that Darwin or Damien Harris get a bigger portion of their teams load? Other receivers are Lockett and Westbrook. RBs are Chubb, Freeman, Sanders, and Breida.

Thanks for any help, fellas. Much appreciated.

Both eventually are gonna form a roll in their offense, but just not week 1-3. I could be wrong here, but a player you can drop for week one maybe two could be Damien, he has Sony and white in front of him, and everyone will be paying attention to those two plus Edelman and Gordon. So he will be looked possibly. Leading to you being able to grab him again week two or three when your ready to have him back if you want him back.

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I’ve been forgetting about White! Shit! Okay. Thank you for that point. I needed to hear that. So, who on that list would you want most? Boykin?

Myles Boykin is kind of a grab and stash player. We hear he’s going to be good but it all relies on Lamar.

I would stay away from Doctson, two much around him in Minnesota, Agholor is definitely the #3 wr so Idk how much action he’ll get this week playing WA

Players that might be okay if needed: Enunwa: second year with darnold, we don’t know what’s up with Robby Anderson if he’s hurt or not.
Ted Ginn: he might be the number 4 target on the team but they score so he could grab some.

Overall I like Boykin but I’m not just rolling him out there. Definitely would grab and stash him but start uncertain so I would lean Enunwa if I had to trust someone. Even though it’s hard to trust him :sweat_smile:

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Honestly, as shitty as my team looks on paper, I’m feeling somewhat confident. Westbrook seems to be a pretty clear number one, although I’m sure Keelan and Lee will eventually find their groove. Darnold seems more confident airing it out, so Anderson could be a great piece to have, maybe, WR2 caliber or better? I like Lockett in Seattle. I’m just so absolutely disappointed in my Darwin and Harris picks. At first, I thought “Okay, Harris is a long shot, but he’s going to probably start after Sony goes down, eventually. But, Darwin could overtake Williams and be the number one.” I tried to trade Harris to the Sony owner with Anthony Miller for Geronimo, but no bite…