Drop David Johnson or Kenyan Drake for Derrius Guice

Title says it all…

I’m beyond Sick and tired of Johnson… I almost want to drop him so someone else can go nuts and pick him up, so then they can start him when I’m facing them… haha… Still 1st in my division, but F********** Y***** kliff kingsbury

I too am considering the rage drop/landmine drop for someone else to deal with.

I can’t get a trade through now and it might seem too crazy to drop him, but keen to see what people say to this… I mean the guy sucks

I’m in same boat with barkley
But no one wants him which is mental considering he was #1 in the draft

Tried for Jacobs and got turned down

David Johnson is just not healthy right now. Dropping him sounds crazy, but if you think Guice can come in and be better ROS, do it. It’s not Kliff’s fault DJ has a messed up back. I would not drop Drake.