Drop Decker for James White?

Do I drop Decker for a flier on James White in a 12 Team 0.5 PPR?

My RBs are Freeman, Ajayi, Abdullah, Cohen and West

My WRs are DHop, Crabtree, Sanders Tyrell Williams and Decker.

I have a bad habit if trying to hoard RBs so this is probably a perfect example of it!

yea no you have really good RB’s i would hold on to Decker or maybe find a different WR in the waiver.

I would drop Abdullah for White if you really want him. Patriots running backs are tough to figure out. Decker has produced everywhere, with Tebow, with my heartbreaking NY Jets, I have faith he will have fantasy relevant games with Mariota. Abdullah is not looking great right now. Riddick is the pass catcher, Washington and Zenner are still threats if he continues not to produce.