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Drop Decker for Jaron Brown?


How crazy is this idea? Standard scoring.


Not that crazy. Decker is showing no life this season. and Jaron really seems like he is going to keep getting more work.


What about in .5PPR? Seems like a better idea in that format.


Honestly i have never played any sort of PPR. But, pretty sure Jaron is getting more receptions too.


My question would be, should i drop Watkins or Tate to get Jaron. i havent been able to talk myself into it yet.


now that’s crazy lol JK, I like Tate, I would hold him. Watkins is soo tough, I get the temptation but the Rams are scoring so it’s hard for me to say drop him


oh i agree. i have Evans, Tyreek, and Hogan basically as my weekly starters. oh and Amari Cooper stashed till he starts doing something.