Drop Demaryius Thomas to waivers?

I’m thinking of cutting DT to pick up one of these guys off waivers for week 8: Danny Amendola, John Brown, Tyler Lockett. Is there any upside to holding onto DT?

Full PPR. My other WRs are Adam Thielen, Mike Evans, Marvin Jones Jr. and Cooper Kupp.

John Brown should probably be owned out of those guys and as for DT… i guess the upside would be wait until the trade deadline has passed in case either he or Sanders get traded. I doubt he will due to his contract but if Sanders went he’d see a bump and may be a good guy to sell high on hype again, equally if he gets traded somewhere good he might be a good stash or sell high guy. But it’s winning time now so if you did cut him i wouldn’t fight you on it, Brown would be my pick personally i think he has more ROS value

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