Drop Derrick Henry for waivers?

Is Derrick Henry ready for dumpsville? I’m hurting at RB and lucky to have Hunt covering the RB2 position. Should I drop Henry and go for someone like Gallman or McGuire?

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I’m hesitant to do that but it will all depend on your team and bench set up. I’d want to keep him because he’s probably the best handcuff out there, but he’s not a starter right now. If you can hold him, that’d be ideal, if not, I’d try to trade him (maybe to the demarco owner) and my last resort would be dropping him. I wouldn’t be happy dropping him for a player on a meh team who still has some question marks, but I understand sometimes you need to.
You likely won’t get him back (unless your league misses him) so that’s definitely something to consider.