Drop Deshaun Watson?

Watson ain’t cuttin it. I don’t really like his receiver options and don’t really see it improving much. Minshew and Goff are available

He does have a really tough matchup this week, and Minshew’s is juicy. I have a feeling Watson will be snatched up by someone who can afford the bench slot, i know i would (if i didn’t have a top 5 option already, just to see if he turns it on anytime soon). Is there no one on your bench that you don’t mind dropping to hold him for a little while longer? His week 4-6 matchups are all pretty juicy and gives him an opportunity to bounce back

nah not really. I’ve got 6 RBs , tryin to trade away one and 4 receivers with Goedert and Jonnu Smith for TEs. I feel like I reached for Watson in the draft

The Ballers still have Watson ranked ahead of both Minshew and Goff for what it’s worth. if you can iron out a trade to free up a bench slot i still say hold him, but if you feel that strongly about it you can just drop him and stream best matchup each week. This week it’s Minshew