Drop Diggs for TE streamer

Darren Waller is on bye and I need to pick up a TE, thoughts ?

I am leaning towards dropping Diggs (pass offense has been not great) for a TE

Tried to trade but none want him lol

QB: Dak
RB: Chubb, Aaron Jones, James Connor, Ronald Jones
WR: Godwin, DJ Chark, M Gallup, Diggs, C Ridley
TE: D Waller (on Bye)
K: Slye
D: Vikings

Any suggestion ?

that’s tough, I wouldnt drop Diggs personally. Although he stinks right now that is still tough to do. I would almost say drop your defense or kicker for a TE. maybe Ronald Jones, but I like him for the long haul also. Sorry not much help

Find a 2 for 1 trade where you upgrade a position and open up a a spot

Thanks. Yeah it’s tough, would you rather take a goose egg at TE ? Not much enticing options on waivers – OJ Howard, Akins etc…

Went that route, none are interested in Diggs lol

yeah I have Diggs and he is impossible to move right now. What is your record? unfortuantely you might have to take the egg

I am at 3-2, need to get W this week, some tougher match ups lined up in coming weeks.

Just a suggestion but there are rumors floating around that diggs could get traded. If he does and ends up somewhere like NE or eagles his value could jump way up. If you can’t drop him wait or see what happens with him.

I think Ronal Jones has the best chance of still being there to pick back up. Unfortunately I dont think there is a good answer.

Yeah that’s one other reason I am skeptical about dropping Diggs … Diggs on Patriots squad is an awesome equity to own.

Yeah there isn’t. RJ will be lead back eventually much much efficient than Barber and I also don’t have enough RB depth also with J Conner ailing will minor injuries so I am not sure if I can drop him.

Next week 3 RB(s) - Chubb, Connor, RJ and 1 WR (Godwin) are on bye so I need to pick other serviceable RB anyways for that week, might as well fill in backup TE this week so that I will have that spot for backup RB in coming week.