DROP DJax for Michael Gallup?

Who’s the better bench add?

My WR are:
Mike Evans
Brandin Cooks
Tyreek Hill
Sterling Shepard
Desean Jackson

I think I’d go Gallup honestly, based on his production before he was injured. He’s a much safer floor than D Jax. D Jax is more of a plug him in if you need a massive game to win and don’t care if he only scores like 8 points, and really when would you play D Jax over Evans or hill (when he’s back)? And think of it this way. Gallup is trending toward playing this weekend. D Jax is ruled out. It seems pretty unlikely someone would pick d Jax up while he’s injured, so if gallup does great this weekend, you made the right choice. If he doesn’t have a good game, Jax is probably still on the waiver wire and you can drop gallup again. But if gallup goes off like he was before he was injured, all of a sudden you have to pay a lot of FAAB dollars to buy him when you could have had him for free.

Appreciate the insight!

I just noticed the upcoming schedule for the Eagles from week 6 on:

  • Vikings (yikes)
  • Cowboys (eh)
  • Bills (good defense)
  • Bears (yikes)
  • BYE
  • Patriots (yikes)

Is this schedule as bad as it looks? Or does Jackson get an uptick because teams will shadow Alshon?

I think Evan and I just don’t have the same read on players. I do agree that Gallup will have a higher floor, but I think Djax, if he can get healthy, can be a league winner with Wentz. Wentz throws a much better deep ball than any of Djax’s previous QBs and there are more weapons there to allow DJax to be 1-on-1. His ceiling is insane and I think this year, if he’s healthy, he can be much more consistent than in the past. You have a better read on your leaguemates, so I wouldn’t say DJax will/won’t be there if you drop him (in my league he wouldn’t be there). But you also have to consider your depth at WR. If you need bodies, Gallup is better since DJax’s health won’t help you. DJax’s schedule is daunting, but we’ve seen him beat 1-on-1’s consistently, when healthy in the past. He and Tyreek are game breakers with their speed.

I agree with mass

Yeah man, which there’s nothing wrong with that at all. Thats what makes the footclan forums so good is the variety of opinions.

I fully agree D Jax is a game breaker, but he also has enough of a sample size from the past that shows if he can’t get free and break a game, he could very well put up a 4 catch for 40 yard game and while you aren’t disappointed with that, you aren’t happy either. And, to ccbrazel’s own point, the eagles next games are rough. Vikes, bills, bears, and pats are four of the best defenses in the entire NFL. They really probably aren’t going to allow him to go off like that. So you’re looking at one out of 5 games where you feel pretty decent about starting him and the other one is a bye, and that’s assuming he gets healthy for any of these games. Not to say Gallup has amazing matchups either but Green Bay showed some weakness last week against the Eagles allowing them to throw like 3 TDs. Yards werent really there but that was in large part due to good field position. Then its the Jets, which is super juicy. Philly consistently lets people throw on them as well after that, then its a bye week, then the giants, who also let people throw on them. So to me would I rather play Gallup vs the Jets or Jax vs the vikes? I’d go gallup. Gallup or D Jax against each other? I’d lean gallup as Dallas really doesn’t allow too many huge plays. They have that bend don’t break defense. Then its a bye for gallup, but would you really play D Jax vs the bills defense over any of those other guys Brazel has? I wouldn’t, barring injury. Then Gallup vs the giants, who he’s already torched, or Jax vs the bears? Again I’d go gallup.

That’s a good point about various leagues. D Jax is currently sitting on waivers for the last 3 weeks in 3/4 of my leagues, the only one he isn’t is a dynasty league, but in others he could very well get picked up.

Again, just my opinion. I think we can all agree D Jax is a bigger risk than Gallup, can’t we? But if you’re the gambling man and want to say that Wentz is the best QB he’s ever had and will win you leagues, that’s really only up to everyone on their own positions.