Drop Doug Martin?

Austin Eckeler and Corey Clement are available for pick up. Doug Martin has been awful since his first two games back and now he has a concussion. Thoughts?

I would drop him if there’s somebody decent on waivers. Is there anybody else available that could be more dependable?

In the same situation. Due to Crabtree getting suspended and Hunt underperforming I also plan on dumping him. He is on a team with nothing to play for, there is no motivation left. Im looking at Clement too, also McKissic, J-Stew, and a couple other.

Both players you are looking at are hit or miss, you never know what to expect, but both have the ability to put up numbers on good offenses.

I would look for a week to week play and see if anyone sticks. I think I’m dropping for eckler this week. (Drake is availbale but reckon he will go due to waiver priority)

I don’t see anybody decent. I see Eckeler, Clement, K. Drake, Jaq Rodgers, P. Barber and Devontae Booker. I don’t plan on starting any of these just want to drop Martin from my bench and make it better just in case.

I’d go Drake because he’ll be the starter for at least a couple of weeks.