Drop Doyle?

Anybody think he’s gonna be worth a hoot when he eventually comes back? I’ve got Jared Cook as well, but already thinking ahead about Cook’s BYE in week 7. I know that’s still a couple of weeks away, but with the slim pickin’s already in the TE arena, really, really don’t want to wait til the last minute and have to settle for somebody like Charles Clay or Tyler Kroft. LOL

Any thoughts are greatly appreciated.

Thanks y’all.

Who can you pick up on waivers at RB, WR, or TE? I’m never a fan of rostering 2 TEs because there is better upside with RBs or WRs.

Actually I’m sitting pretty good with everything else. As I mentioned, just thinking ahead about Cook’s BYE week. Pretty much planned on dropping the other TE after week 7. And yeah…would just see who’s hot on the WW in the RB area at that point since I’m really, really exceptionally strong WR.