Drop Duke Johnson or Darrel Williams for Jaylen Samuels?

10 team full point PPR league

I’m only allowed to have 6 running backs on my roster, so I have to drop another RB. Is Darrel Williams a drop candidate now that Damien is practicing again, or should I hold on to him just in case (because he’s a running back for KC)

Or should I just drop Duke Johnson, because he’s been terrible and hardly gets touches? But maybe the Texans offense gets going and Duke starts putting up big games?

I don’t know what to do . . .

For what it’s worth, I am not the James Conner owner. I also have the luxury of not doing anything, because my RB depth is pretty amazing right now: Ezekiel Elliot, Nick Chubb, Miles Sanders, Wayne Gallman.

Drop Duke, Samuels could be a flex option and if Connor were to get injured he’d be a must start RB

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