Drop E. Sanders for M. Gaskin?

16-team, full-PPR staring QB,WR,RB,TE,2 FLEX, 4BN

QB: Goff, Tannehill
WR: J. Jones, K. Allen, J. Crowder, E. Sanders
RB: K. Drake, D. Montgomery, R. Mostert
TE: D. Waller

I’d like to hold both QBs to play matchups for a bit which really sucks the life out of a 4 player bench.

Waiver Options: Gaskin, McKinnon, M. Davis, NYG Backs, G. Tate, K. Cole

If you really prefer holding 2 QB’s for matchups, then i’m fine with dropping Sanders as he hasn’t done much even with Thomas out and the saints passing offense is looking shaky. I really want to say to drop crowder instead but if he plays it’s impossible to deny he’s a target monster.

I think if you need a “this week” play that Mckinnon or Davis are better options. If you are looking at longevity, i like Gaskin and Dion Lewis for ppr purposes

I think Gaskin is a trap. That team is going to be throwing like crazy, not sure of his target share. I would definitely go after Mckinnon or Davis first.