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Drop Eagles D pick up Rams D


I’m very tempted to stick w the Eagles D for another week as the front 4 looks insane. Problem is I suspect I’m not looking at this objectively enough and could potentially fall victim to my homerism. Thoughts?


Rams played Colts w/ Toizen under center.
I would stick with Eagles for one more week.


I’d stick with eagles as well


I reckon I’m gonna be the oddball here. Just got a feeling about Rams this week.


I don’t want to play against that KC offense… That’s where my concern is. And I am an eagles fan and I think they will probably outscore us…


I agree NewtonINTolerant. Think til Kirk and Co. get things together I would be much more comfortable facing them. LOL…and I’m saying that being stuck with Mr. Cousins as my starter right now.


Oooo I hear you with the Cousins starter… But there are not a lot of other options right now…


Tell me about it. Not much we can do but keep our fingers crossed and see where THE CAPTAIN takes this “fateful voyage” this year. LOL. Unless of course a miracle graces the WW. And I don’t see that happening. LOL


My second string guy was Dalton… so, I’m screwed


Not feeling much better here. Got stuck having to grab Prescott while the grabbing was good. Not expecting a repeat performance from last year, but thinking he may not be a complete loss. LOL…between him and the Captain…who knows…could sink or swim with either of them at this point. BUT…it’s still early. LOT OF GAME TO PLAY YET!!!


LOL…is THAT not the “epitomy” of OPPTIMISM???


*_ “epitome”_