Drop Ebron for Doyle or hold both?

I have Ebron but could look to roster Doyle…would have to give up on a bid for Sutton though :confused:

Would you rather…
Ebron + Sutton
Ebron + Doyle
Doyle + Sutton

My other WR are Hopkins, Jones Jr., Edelman, and Robinson (so maybe I don’t need Sutton?)

Doyle + Sutton.

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Hmm, so you would drop Ebron (lower total, but more RZ targets) for Doyle (more total, fewer RZ targets)?

And even with my current roster of WRs, worth adding Sutton.

Also forgot to mention it was standard scoring.

Full team for other options to drop:

QB: Newton, Goff (only play 1 but like having an injury insurance)
RB: Kamara, Mixon, Lindsay, Crowell, Breida
WR: Hopkins, Edelman, Jones Jr., Robinson
TE: Ebron

I have Vance McDonald from last week’s byes, so he is 1 to drop - for Doyle or Sutton. So would still need to drop 1 more if I want both.

Oh it’s standard scoring? That makes it closer than for Ebron vs Doyle. Could see an argument for Ebron given his red zone usage but in weeks he doesn’t score a TD, he’s going to tank you to like 2-3 points whereas Doyle can still get the 6-7 points with TD upside.

Drop one your QBs. Cam has one of the best ROS schedules remaining.

I am keeping the 2 QBs in case Newton goes down with injury - and to keep Goff out of other players’ rosters. The current plan is to roster both Ebron and Doyle this week to get a better idea of the time share. Sutton may stay on the WW given his Bye this week.

IF I don’t get Doyle (others in the league may also be targeting), then Sutton is the backup

Sutton didn’t have a huge stat line, so I think he’s more likely to go unclaimed than Doyle.

You could then try to package trade to upgrade your WR2. Maybe Goff and Edelman for Emmanuel Sanders or something like that.