Drop ebron or yeldon for doyle

I have a very low waiver claim and doyle is out there and as a ebron owner i think he is the better bet ros . ebron and yeldon are on bye would drop either one to pick up doyle ??

Ebron. Doyle taking that starter position.

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ebron is still a td machine though

I guess it depends on your style. I’m not big on TD or bust players.

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yeah but the guy catches one literally every week he’s a unique case don’t ya think?

Think I’d drop someone else and keep both of Ebron and Doyle for this game but start Doyle this time. That situation is Gonna stay uncertain I think

Hijacking thread but In the same boat here - I have Ebron but could also look to roster Doyle…would have to give up on a bid for Sutton though :confused:

Would you rather…
Ebron + Sutton
Ebron + Doyle
Doyle + Sutton

My other WR are Hopkins, Jones Jr., Edelman, and Robinson (so maybe I don’t need Sutton?)