Drop Eckeler, Kittle, or Henry?


So tomorrow I am going to make my waiver claims for Cole and Bernard, but I have to drop one player. I have an open roster spot. Should I drop Eckeler, Kittle, or Henry?

RB: Mixon, D. Freeman, Ajayi, Henry, Lewis, Mack, Eckeler, Ingram

For TE I own Ertz

.5 PPR

I’d drop Mack or Henry. Then trade away kittle to someone who needs a TE.

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Awesome. I could also flex Kittle but I’ll look to trade him. Thanks!

I’d drop Mack, and I wouldn’t flex Kittle . But it’s all week to week dependent .

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With everyone else, I’d drop Mack. I don’t want to deal with that messy backfield.

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