Drop ekeler for Michel? or walk away, ppr

obviously Burkhead is out for at least 7 games, maybe more with his injury after being tossed on the IR.

Michel is available in one league.

current RB
Lynch, James Conner, Breida, Royce Freeman, Mark Ingram and Ekeler

maybe drop Lynch for Michel?

am i too stuck on his first three weeks performance to not want to drop him right now? feel like he could be easy trade moves.

bumpity bump. bored at work, so really diving in the forum

lol dont drop lynch. Out of all these guys i like freeman the least tbh

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do you have any wrs you can drop instead?

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i am fading on freeman too.

Julio, Hopkins, John Brown, Larry Fitz, Doug Baldwin, and Lockett

worth noting, 3 WR league with a flex.

I’d drop freeman before Ekeler here, Michel is definitely worth picking up though

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Scooped michel for freeman. Think ekeler brings more to the table with pass catching than freeman.

Appreciate the feedback ballers!